Publishing is Coding: Change My Mind

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Hi, I am a dog-publisher—what a surprise, right? I am from Mexico and, as you can see, English is not my first language. But whatever. My educational background is on Philosophy, specifically Philosophy of Culture. My grade studies focus on intellectual property—mainly copyright—, free culture, free software and, of course, free publishing. If you still want a name, call me Dog.

This blog is about publishing and coding. But it doesn't approach on techniques that makes great code. Actually my programming skills are kind of narrow. I have the following opinions. (a) If you use a computer to publish, not matter their output, publishing is coding. (b) Publishing it is not just about developing software or skills, it is also a tradition, a profession, an art but also a method. (c) To be able to visualize that, we have to talk about how publishing implies and affects how we do culture. (d) If we don't criticize and self-criticize our work, we are lost.

In other terms, this blog is about what surrounds and what is supposed to be the foundations of publishing. Yeah, of course you are gonna find technical writing. However, it is just because on these days the spine of publishing talks with zeros and ones. So, let start to think what is publishing nowadays!

Some last words. I have to admit I don't feel comfortable writing in English. I find unfair that we, people from non-English spoken worlds, have to use this language in order to be noticed. It makes me feel bad that we are constantly translating what other persons are saying while just a few homies translate from Spanish to English. So I decided to have at least a bilingual blog. I write in English while I translate to Spanish, so I can improve this skill —also: thanks S.O. for help me to improve the English version xoxo.

That's not enough and it doesn't invite to collaboration. So this blog uses po files for its contents and Pecas Markdown for its syntax. You can always collaborate in the translation or edition of any language. The easiest way is through Weblate. Don't you want to use that? Just contact me.

That's all folks! And don't forget: fuck adds. Fuck spam. And fuck proprietary culture. Freedom to the moon!